Distributed Denial of Service Attacks

Today, we got the numerous call from our clients and they said that site and emails are not working. We have checked our hosting server (DDoS (Distributed Denial of Service) attack – Resolved) for the problem and found that it’s DDoS attack.

It’s really hard to tackle the situation because we understand the problem as a client of the hosting service provider, but our end clients do not start to understand it. I have a chat with my server executive (Omani), they have simply said you can choose another vendor for the hosting service, should I tell my client to this? You can check my tweet

IX web hosting: Database server and mail server urgent maintenance – chat w Omani, said you can choose other vendor

We are shocked and decided to find another hosting company who provide the good services and having a good security knowledge.

We got a good document Distributed Denial of Service Attacks – The Internet Protocol Journal – Volume 7, Number 4 by Cisco

DDoS Attack Description

DoS attacks attempt to exhaust the victim’s resources. These resources can be network bandwidth, computing power, or operating system data structures. To launch a DDoS attack, malicious users first build a network of computers that they will use to produce the volume of traffic needed to deny services to computer users. To create this attack network, attackers discover vulnerable sites or hosts on the network. Vulnerable hosts are usually those that are either running no antivirus software or out-of-date antivirus software, or those that have not been properly patched. Vulnerable hosts are then exploited by attackers who use their vulnerability to gain access to these hosts. The next step for the intruder is to install new programs (known as attack tools) on the compromised hosts of the attack network. The hosts that are running these attack tools are known as zombies, and they can carry out any attack under the control of the attacker. Many zombies together form what we call an

DDoS Attack Taxonomy

Typical DDoS Attacks

In a typical DDoS attack, the army of the attacker consists of master zombies and slave zombies.

DRDoS Attacks

DRDoS attacks the army of the attacker consists of master zombies, slave zombies, and reflectors.

Well-Known DDoS Attacks

  • Apache2
  • ARP Poison
  • CrashIIS
  • DoSNuke
  • SYN Flood
  • Process Table
  • Smurf Attack
  • SSH Process Table
  • TCP Reset
  • UDP Storm

You should always take little research when you are purchasing the hosting server. We are moving our client data to another secure server.


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